08-12-2015 Can-Am Trophy Russia 2016: a marathon race

In September 2015 during the final award ceremony 2015 the organizing committee had announced the plans to continue ATV series Can-Am Trophy Russia. On 8th of December at "Russia Today" media center ROSAN company and OFFROAD club Yekaterinburg had explained to the journalists how new 2016 season will look like.

28-09-2015 Can-Am Trophy Russia: High difficulty factor

The organizers of the competitions are usually assigning a high factor of difficulty to the rally rides that take place in the Astrakhan region. Sands and barchans found in this region in combination with exhausting heat and prairie roads are the tough nuts for the participants. This may be the reason why all sportsmen want to ride here and test their abilities. The participants of the third Stage of the Open Off-road ATV Series Can-Am Trophy Russia 2015 had passed this exam on 25 - 27th of September in Astrakhan Region.

20-07-2015 Can-Am Trophy Russia 2015 The choice of Tatarstan

The second Stage of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2015, that took place on 17th - 19th of July in Almetievsk (Tatarstan), turned out to be reach with sport moments and became a real festive event for the city. For the fifth time the competition took place on the territory of Tatarstan. BRP Center N.L.M. became the regional organizer of the competition.

25-05-2015 Can-Am Trophy Russia 2015: New turn

The First Stage of Open Off-Road ATV Series Can-Am Trophy Russia 2015 took place on 22nd - 24th of May in Izhevsk. More than 130 sportsmen from more than 30 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan took part the competition

13-05-2015 Can-Am Trophy Russia 2015: We are coming, Izhevsk!

The First Stage of Open Off-Road ATV Series Can-Am Trophy Russia 2015 will take place on 22nd - 24th of May in Udmurtia. For the three years, the republic was fighting for the right to host a stage of the largest ATV competition, and this race can well become the brightest for all six years of the ATV series!

09-04-2015 Can-Am Trophy Russia 2015: Keep changing, stay the best

For the six years of its existence Can-Am Trophy Russia series had grown from the local traditional competition into the pan-Russian racing event. Hundreds of participants from St.Petersburg to Vladivostok are preparing their machines and impatiently look forward to the start of the new season. 1.5 months before the start of the First Stage at the annual Can-Am Trophy Russia press-conference that took place on 9th of April at Russia Today media center, the organizers have told the audience about the latest changes to the General rules of the competition. They had explained how journalists and visitors will be able to see the competition.

22-09-2014 Can-Am Trophy Russia: meeting the challenge!

The Third Stage of the Open Off-Road ATV Series Can-Am Trophy Russia 2014, that took place from 10th to 21st of September in Stavropol region, was filled out with sport competition till the very last moment. The emotions were running high for three days, which is easily understandable as valuable prizes not only for the Third Stage but for the whole season are at stake. Can-Am Maverick and Can-Am Renegade as main prizes are granted by ROSAN company, the general partner of the Series.

04-08-2014 Can-Am Trophy Russia: from Cremlin across Volga through the sands

The Second stage of Open Off-Road ATV Series Can-Am Trophy Russia 2014 that took place on 25th - 27th of July in Nizhny Novgorod region differs from other competitions of the ATV Series by spectacular start from one of the major squares in Russia - Minin and Pozharsky square, by Volga river crossing and, of course, by the new trail. For the first time ATV series had "treaded" into the sand.

13-01-2014 The fifth season of Can-Am Trophy Russia is open!

The registration for the first stage of Open Off-Road ATV Series Can-Am Trophy Russia 2014 is open from 13th of January 2014! This will be the fifth season of the largest ATV series in Russia where every ATV or SSV owner can participate.

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