A marathon down the Russian roads

The largest Russian ATV series Can-Am Trophy Russia invites the sportsmen to join!

10th - 16th of September, Elista - Astrakhan, total length more than 1500 km.

Kalmykia prairie, sands and barchans of Astrakhan, close-fought battle and the most challenging route! And exclusively for ATV and SSV riders!

Preliminary program:

- 10th of September, Saturday, Elista city. Administrative and technical checks, Official opening, Park-service;

- 11th of September, Sunday, one SS up to 300 km, Park-Service;

- 12th of September, Monday, one SS up to 300 km, Park-Service;

- 13th of September, Tuesday, 300 km ride to base camp in the city of Astrakhan, Park-Service;

- 14th of September, Wedndesday, one SS up to 220 km, Park-Service;

- 15th of September, Thursday, one SS up to 220 km, Park-Service;

- 16th of September, Friday, one SS up to 220 km, ATVs/SSVs are placed in closed parking lot, 2nd Stage Awards ceremony Final Can-Am Trophy Russia 2016 Awards ceremony.

General Regulations

Technical Rules


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