Can-Am Trophy Russia 2016: a marathon race

In September 2015 during the final award ceremony 2015 the organizing committee had announced the plans to continue ATV series Can-Am Trophy Russia. On 8th of December at "Russia Today" media center ROSAN company and OFFROAD club Yekaterinburg had explained to the journalists how new 2016 season will look like.

Now Can-Am Trophy Russia can be described as a marathon. The length of the Special Stages will be increased; the number of sport days will also grow. In 2016, the ATV Series will take place in two stages. In accordance with the long-standing tradition, the first stage of the competition will take place in Tatarstan. On 15th - 18th of June, the city of Almetievsk will again welcome the participants and guests of the race (BRP Center N.L.M. is the regional organizer of the event). On Wednesday, on 15th of June, the participants will go through administrative and technical checks and after that, the competition will run until Saturday. The total length of the Special Stages will amount around 500 km).

The Second Stage will be a marathon with the length of 1000 km from Volgograd to Astrakhan (regional organizer - RiK Motors Volgograd, official BRP dealer under the support of Vladimir Zhukovsky). On Saturday, 3rd of September, the participants will complete administrative and technical checks and on Sunday the sportsmen will head to the first Special Stage. The Start of the Second Stage will be given in Volgograd, and the race will finish in Astrakhan on Friday, 9thof September. It will be a tough endurance test that will require high level of concentration and dedication from all members of the teams, including pilots, co-pilots and technical support. The Second Stage will take place in the major rally-ride areas of Russia, through the sands and barchans of Astrakhan, along the prairie roads of Volgograd region. The Second Stage of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2016 is awarded with the multiplying factor K=1,5.
As well as in the 2015 season, Can-Am Trophy Russia 2016 will feature three classes - ATVs, SSV Standard (factory-made SSVs) and SSV Sport (specially equipped SSVs).

Technical rules will stay unchanged. As usual, in 2016 the technical inspectors will pay extra attention to the safety and security checks. Starting from 2014 on advisory and from 2015 on compulsory basis, all SSVs shall be equipped with rigid rops-approved cage that will protect lives and health of the sportsmen in case of crash or rollover. The participants in ATV class shall follow strict requirements on safety gear (moto boats, helmet, neck and chest protection etc.). Safety and security of the sportsmen on a trail is a paramount priority for the organizer of the Series. The teams that fail to meet technical requirements will not be allowed to participate in the competition.
The prize fund of the Open Off-road ATV Series Can-Am Trophy Russia 2016 will amount more than 5 000 000 rubles, In accordance with the results of each Stage the participants that took first place in SSV group (pilots and co-pilots in SSV Sport and SSV Standard) will be awarded with gift certificates for the amount of 50 000 rubles. Silver prizewinners will get the same certificates for smaller amount of 40 000 rubles. The bronze medalists will get gift certificates of 30 000 rubles value. For ATV category, the prizes for the first and second Stages will vary. The winners of the First Stage will get the same prizes as the winners in SSV group. The winners of the Second Stage (due to the extreme difficulty of the trail for ATV riders) will get the prizes of double value: 100 000, 80 000 and 60 000 rubles for the first, second and third place correspondingly.

The winners of the season will also get prize certificates for even bigger amounts. The winner of 2016 Series in ATV category will receive 300 000 rubles prize certificate, the second winner will get 200 000 rubles, the third winner will receive a 100 000 rubles certificate. The pilots and co-pilots in  SSV Sport and SSV Standard classes will get product certificates for 250 000 rubles for the first place, for 150 000 rubles for second place and 100 000 rubles for the third place.

The registration of participants for the First Stage of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2016 will open on 20th of January at 12:00 MOW time. The maximum number of participants for each Stage is limited to 80 units.  In the nearest time, the Organizing Committee will prepare technical requirements, general rules and other important documents.

Can-Am Trophy Russia Open Off-road ATV Series

Can-Am Trophy Russia Open Off-road ATV Series is a new stage in the development and promotion of ATV sport in Russia. This is the first pan-Russian Series, created specially and exclusively for ATVs. ROSAN ( company, the official BRP ((Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.) distributor in Russia, is the initiator and general partner of the Series. The organizing committee is represented by the OFF ROAD club Yekaterinburg.
Regional organizers of the Series in 2016: N.L.M. BRP Center  (, RiK Motors Volgograd (

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