FAQ: Your questions answered

1. Can I participate in a cross-country rally withouta Road Book and an odometer?

Road Book and odometer are not included in the list of mandatory equipment. Of course, you can participate in the cross-country rally competitions without them, but only in a non-competitive mode.
You won't be able to read and flip the map in paper format when your ATV is moving fast.
Standard odometer is not able to track the kilometrage in a "countdown mode", which makes navigation difficult when you approach a turn or - which is even more important - a dangerous point on a race track. This could lead to severe body damages.

2. Is it necessary to equip the vehicle with pneumatic signal? This is a bulky and unreliable system that is vulnerable to water penetration. It is also hard to find a space to install it.  Wouldn't it be sufficient to install a quality HELLA signal with the sound volume exceeding 90DB?

Technical rules clearly specify that the signal shall be of electro-pneumatic type. So far we have never seen electric signals that would be louder than the pneumatic ones.

3. Question related to paragraph 9.1. "Main lights - original, installed by manufacturer for the corresponding model." The thing is that the original lights for my BRP Commander have been damaged back in 2011 during a tough race in Chelyabinsk. The original equipment have demonstrated low reliability, was dismounted and replaced together with the front part of the vehicle! I hope I don't have to restore all original lighting equipment together with the front part of the vehicle? (original photo attached)

Answer: All units shall meet all requirements of technical inspection before entering the competition. The role of the technical inspection is to check the compliance with these requirements.
The explanations that the lights were broken or dismounted due to their unreliability tested in previous race will not be accepted.

4. Can I participate in a competition without a valid driving license or on a vehicle that is not properly registered?

This kind of question can arise in 2 cases: 1. If newcomer that have just have bought an ATV and immediately, without yet knowing the basic laws that regulate ATV ownership, wants to participate in a serious competition (despite its amateur status, Can-Am Trophy is a race that requires substantial riding skills). 2. If a person who owns an ATV and already has driving experience consciously ignores the regulations of the law by driving without valid driving license the vehicle that is not properly registered. In the first case we welcome this passionate desire to join ATV riding sport. We strongly recommend registering the unit, getting the driving license and obtaining at least minimal offroad driving skills. And startapplyingfor ATV competitions after that. We will be happy to welcome a new sportsman.
     Regarding the second case. According to our practical experience, the rider who ignores the law is likely to treat Technical rules and General Regulations of the race in the same way and infringe them without any hesitations. This creates a lot for problems for both organizers and participants. If an applicant has no driving license, he definitely won't be allowed to participate in the competition.
The ATV that is not registered won't be able to pass the Technical Inspection as state registration is the main requirement of  State Road Traffic Safety Inspection (GIBDD) for such ATV competitions as public roads are used as liasons.

5. What is SER chip?
SER chip is an electronic card that is used by the participants to mark their start and finish at the special electronic device. The judge only brings this device to the participant. The same card is used to proof the achievement of the control point on SS. The chip can be attached to an ATV with a 1,5 m leash.
6. What is an electro-pneumatic signal?

Electro-pneumatic means that the signal is equipped with electric compressor that creates pressure and pneumatic signal. In other words, if you have installed an electric compressor, receiver for tire inflation and have connected any pneumatic signal to it - even the one taken from diesel locomotive - this kind of signal will be considered as electro-pneumatic.
You can purchase signals both with separate and built-in compressor in automotive accessory shops (built-in compressor looks like a snail).
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