Can-Am Trophy Russia 2015

Traditionally Can-Am Trophy Russia will be held in 3 stages in 2015. The season will start in the Republic of Udmurtia. Izhevsk city will welcome the contestants from 22nd to 24th of May. The regional organizer is represented by MAGNETIC BRP Center. After that ATV series will move again to the Republic of Tatarstan, but for this time the Stage will take place from 17th to 19th of July in Almetievsk city. Regional organizer of the event - N.L.M. BRP Center. There Final Stage will definitely attract everyone's attention! The race will take place from 11th to 13th of September. For the first time the participants of Can-Am Trophy Russia will have the chance to ride the famous barchans and sand of Astrakhan region. Vladimir Zhukovskiy, the Head of Rally-ride commission of the Astrakhan Automotive Federation, will be the partner of the Third Stage.
The main changes in the forthcoming season are related to classes. There will be 3 classes in the new season: one ATV class and two SSV classes. The organizing committee of Can-Am Trophy Russia had  made a decision to introduce a new class - SSV sport. This class will allow competition for both standard manufacturer-produced vehicleswith no changes and specially prepared turbo-charged vehicles. The second class - SSV Standard - is limited to standard packages with manufacturer produced suspension. Turbo-charging and any other improvements that change technical specifications of the standard manufacturer SSV package are prohibited. All ATVs will be united in one ATV class.

Safety and security of the teams on trails will be the focus of attention in the new season. ATV Series Can-Am Trophy Russia is one of the few amateur competitions in Russia that sets high standards of security for participants. Few years ago neck, knee and foot protection were introduced as mandatory protective equipment. In the new season reinforced safety cage will be a mandatory requirement in SSV class. Sportsmen with vehicles that don't match these requirements will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

Year after year rules of Can-Am Trophy Russia Series become closer to the rules of international rally rides. 2015 season will also bring changes to the format of the race. As before, speed limits will be imposed on liasons (segments between Start/Finish and base camp). Last year the speed limit was set at 60 km/h. This year the limit will match the rules for public roads and will be set at 90 km/h maximum. If the team exceeds the speed limit it will face fines. After 3 breaches of this part of Technical Rules the team will be disqualified from the race. Another international innovation will relate to Road Books - for the ease of orienteering the legends will be equipped with course-bearing indicator. The contestants will be allowed to use electronic compass that will indicate the turning angle of the road. The length of every Special Stage will be limited to 100 kilometers. Dangerous sections will have additional speed limits.

Prize fund will see some changes as well.  Can-Am Trophy competitions are held in the format of individual classification, which means that in the end of the stage both pilot and navigator are getting equal number of points in SSV group. In the new season the competition will also be held in in the format of individual classification, but pilots and navigators will not be completing with each other. In the end of the season the general partner of the Series ROSAN company will award three pilots and three navigators that will achieve the best results. The presentation of the prize fund of the Open Off-Road Series Can-Am Trophy Russia 2015 will take place this Spring.
In the nearest future the Organizing committee will present the refreshed Technical Rules, General Rules and other important documents.

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