Biggest series of events kvadrotsikletnaya Can-Am Trophy Russia for the fifth time will be held on the territory of Russia . As in previous years , it will remain a multi-brand , without any restrictions for athletes - to take part in the competition can each owner ATV and SSV.

Can-Am Trophy Russia in 2014 will be traditionally consist of three phases :
- May 23-25 ​​, the Republic of Tatarstan ( Bugul'ma ),
- July 25-27, Nizhny Novgorod region ,
- September 12-14, Stavropol region .

Competitive classes :
ATV ( one participant on the same piece of equipment )
SSV ( two players on one ATV )

Admission to start correctly only get suited up athletes . Necessary to have special shoes, certified helmets and protection, in particular - protect the neck . Compliance with security requirements (such as wearing seat belts fastened and helmets) will follow the judge at the start.

Competitions will consist of several special stages ( SS ) - from three to five , with a total length of 300 km ( race according to legend, roadbuku ).

The total prize fund of the open -road kvadroserii Can-Am Trophy Russia in 2014 , compared with last year, will be increased and will be about 6 million rubles! By the end of the season will be played ATV Can-Am Maverick 1000 and ATV Can-Am Renegade 1000 .
Can-Am X Race!