Racing ATV 2013 - Can-Am Trophy Russia

2013 season brought major changes to Can-Am Trophy Russia. The series moved to format of cross country rally. The participants have learned how to use Road books and how to ride by them. ROSAN company, the organizer of the series, have noted that the new format in 2013 will not only attract new enthusiasts of ATV riding, but will also be a good training for those who plan to take part in the iconic world competitions (such as World Cub, Dakar and others).
2013 series was held in 3 stages:

17 -19th of May - Vladimir region
26 - 27th of July - Republic of Tatarstan
06 - 08th of September - Kirov region
•    ATV up 650
•    ATV over 650cc
•    SSV (side-by-side vehicles)
•    Absolute (absolute class for participants in all classes)
•    «Commander Original Cup» - Commander mono cup – original (does not participate in  Absolute class)

Prize pool
The sportsman who achieved maximal result by the end of the season in Absolute class gets new SSV Can-Am Maverick from the organizer of the series - ROSAN company!

The winner of the 2013 Open off-road quad series Can-Am Trophy Russia  - Artem Khairullin (Mosow)
Can-Am X Race!